BodyParts3D Release Note (Release 4.0, 2013/5)

Data Version Up

  • Data set was revised to 4.0 (major update)
  • Major data revision (shown by integer) may include the alteration of spacial coordination.
  • Minor data revision (fractional portion) means addition of parts in a previous data set.
  • You cannot combine parts from different versions together.

What is new in 4.0


  • Skeletal system has altered to accommodate big internal organs in the torso.
  • Many of the existing parts have been shifted accoringly.

Concept Representation

  • Segmented Lung and liver with vesseles were added. They may include some confusion in concept mapping yet.
  • Brain artery is added.
  • Arteries and veins for systemic circulation was added.
  • Internal Eye ball structure and appendages were added.
  • Pharynx and Larynx parts were added.

File Names

  • Up to 3.0 each polygon file has file name representing its concept.
  • To avoid confusion of Concept, file name, and their relation, file name was changed to unique ID ex.FJxxxx.
  • The relationship with polygon file and its represented concept was given as a table.

New BodyParts3D site

  • The site was re-made from scratch.

Clarified Operational Flow in MAP EDITOR

  • Users can make their OWN PARTIAL MODEL for their own purpose.
  • To clarify this point, Data MENU was enhanced.
  • Data category introduced: Elemental Data / Compound data[ Is a compound / Part of compound].

Individual Data download

  • Obj files representing a specific concept are downloadable from bodypartsweb by following links in BodyPartsCard.
  • File names are independednt from their representing concept IDs.