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1Transcripts analysis of infective larvae of an intestinal nematode, Strongyloides venezuelensis ... moreHO6521774080.162010-12-31
2Red Sea Urchin EST ... moreFY2609449410.372010-10-20
3Ascidia gemmataEST ... moreFS9962888690.352010-07-28
4BmNPV-infected BmN cells EST ... moreFY04307720,6358.192010-06-24
5Bombyx mori pural ovary EST ... moreFY00000121,5738.572010-06-14
6Bombyx mori testis EST ... moreFY02157421,5038.542010-06-14
7EST sequencing and construction of a fosmid library of the cabbage army worm, Mamestra brassicae, designed for comparative mapping. ... moreFS9395431,2450.492010-03-30
8Analysis of expressed sequence tags and identification of genes encoding cell-wall-degrading enzymes from the fungivorous nematode Aphelenchus avenae ... moreGO4792655,0762.022009-12-31
9Profiling differential gene expression of symbiotic and aposymbiotic corals using a high coverage gene expression profiling (HiCEP) analysis ... moreCJ999914320.012009-09-28
10Identification of odorant binding protein genes from antennal expressed sequence tags of the onion fly, Delia antiqua ... moreAB5167722550.102009-08-12
11Isolation of BAC Clones Containing Conserved Genes from Libraries of Three Distantly Related Moths: A Useful Resource for Comparative Genomics of Lepidoptera ... moreFS4383206640.262009-07-22
12Identification of enzyme genes in liver of the Bleeler's squid, Loligo bleekeri by expressed sequence tag analysis ... moreFS3725496690.272009-07-15
13Identification of Anhydrobiosis-related Genes from an Expressed Sequence Tag Database in the Cryptobiotic Midge Polypedilum vanderplanki (Diptera; Chironomidae) ... moreFS59528315,0565.982009-03-10
14Differential gene expression in response to juvenile hormone analogue treatment in the damp-wood termite Hodotermopsis sjostedti (Isoptera, Termopsidae) ... moreAB480784410.022009-02-11
15Identification and genomic structure of chemosensory proteins (CSP) and odorant binding proteins (OBP) genes expressed in foreleg tarsi of the swallowtail butterfly Papilio xuthus. ... moreDK96361116,8026.672009-01-28
16Improvements of genome annotations in apicomplexan parasites using oligo-capped full-length cDNAs ... moreDK88726849,29919.582008-11-28
17Spatial and temporal preferences for trans-splicing in Ciona intestinalis revealed by EST-based gene expression analysis ... moreDC9935367810.312008-11-07
18cDNA library of Drosophila ... moreDK265854190,09675.492008-06-04
19WildSilkbase: An EST database of wild silkmoths ... moreDC85827020,2718.052008-04-18
20Early development of the Japanese spiny oyster (Saccostrea kegaki): Characterization of some genetic markers ... moreAB375019480.022008-01-10