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1Detection of waterborne disease associated viruses from urban river in Metro Manila and Bulacan, the Philippines ... moreAB5676661317.572010-06-09
2Molecular Evidence that Phylogenetically Diverged Ciliates Are Active in Microbial Mats of Deep-Sea Cold-Seep Sediment ... moreAB505458163220.272009-05-28
3Microorganisms involved in anaerobic phenol degradation in the treatment of synthetic coke-oven wastewater detected by RNA stable-isotope probing ... moreAB456129143193.242008-08-29
4Identification of iron-reducing microorganisms in anoxic rice paddy soil by 13C-acetate probing ... moreAB293247172232.432007-02-13
5A methane-driven microbial food web in a wetland rice soil ... moreAB273747210283.782006-09-11
616S rRNA Phylogeny and Quinone Profiles of Bacterial Endosymbionts and Animals dwelling Hydrothermal Vent and Cold Seep Area, Biogeographic Profiles of Thermophilic Bacteria in Hot Spring Sulfur-Turf Mats Revealed by 16S rRNA Phylogeny ... moreAB073123912.162001-10-16
7Molecular phylogenetic analyses of reverse-transcribed bacterial rRNA obtained from deep-sea cold seep sediments ... moreAB0697822837.842001-08-10
8Isolation of marine obligate oligotrophs and their growth characteristics ... moreD3222022.701994-07-18