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1Sturnus cineraceus(Grey Starling) cytochrome b gene, partial cds; mitochondrial ... moreAB60055330.002010-11-12
2Egretta garzetta(Little Egret) cytochrome b gene, partial sequence ... moreAB60055720.002010-11-12
3Egretta garzetta(Little Egret) 16S rRNA gene, partial sequence ... moreAB60055910.002010-11-12
4Ardea alba(Great Egret) cytochrome b gene, partial sequence ... moreAB60055610.002010-11-12
5Sturnus cineraceus(Grey Starling) 16S rRNA gene, partial sequence ... moreAB60024110.002010-11-11
6Pagrus major fatty acid elongase-5 mRNA, complete cds. ... moreHQ41560510.002010-10-16
7Molecular Cloning and Characterization of cDNAs Encoding Biosynthetic Precursors for the Antimicrobial Peptides Japonicin-1Ja, Japonicin-2Ja, and Temporin-1Ja in the Japanese Brown Frog, Rana japonica ... moreAB59369230.002010-10-07
8Developing feathers express two classes of pro-opiomelanocortin (POMC) mRNA by alternative promoter usage in the chicken ... moreAB59342440.002010-10-06
9Embryonic Development of the emu, Dromaius novaehollandiae(Emu) ... moreHQ33649430.002010-10-04
10Molecular and Functional Characterization of Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Repressor (AHRR) from the Chicken (Gallus gallus(Red Junglefowl)): Interspecies Similarities and Differences ... moreHQ34061020.002010-10-04
11Isolation and characterization of polymorphic microsatellite loci in the Japanese dace (Tribolodon hakonensis) ... moreAB592446210.012010-10-03
12Characterization of Southern bluefin tuna (Thunnus maccoyii) myoglobin ... moreAB59234610.002010-10-02
13mtDNA sequence studies on crucian carps ... moreAB58766770.002010-09-13
14trypsin2 ... moreAB58761820.002010-09-13
15Molecular cloning of serpin peptidase inhibitor, clade A (alpha-1 antiproteinase, antitrypsin), member 3 in Plecoglossus altivelis ... moreAB58157410.002010-08-23
16Five SSPs from Japanese viper Gloydius blomhoffii, Accelerated evolution of small serum proteins (SSPs)-The PSP94 family proteins in a Japanese viper. ... moreAB57613550.002010-08-10
17Localization of diversified relaxin gene transcripts in the brain of eels ... moreAB57611640.002010-08-09
18Brown tree snake glycoprotein hormone subunit cDNA ... moreAB57598440.002010-08-07
19Alligator glycoprotein hormone subunit cDNA ... moreAB57598040.002010-08-07
20Brown tree snake growth hormone and prolactin cDNA ... moreAB57598820.002010-08-07