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1Genomic Resources generated in support of the Switchgrass Genome Sequencing Project ... moreHR309253195,5574.492010-12-31
2Translational genomics to underpin germplasm improvement for complex traits in crop legumes ... moreHR23546662,8141.442010-12-31
3Characterizing the walnut genome through analyses of BAC end sequences ... moreHR18251549,3361.132010-12-31
4Genome-wide BAC-end sequencing of Cucumis melo using two BAC libraries ... moreHN29198647,1401.082010-12-31
5Functional annotation of ESTs for yam anthracnose ... moreHO80968144,1341.012010-12-31
6DOE Joint Genome Institute Botryococcus braunii UTEX 572 EST project ... moreHO86798242,7930.982010-12-31
7A BAC-based physical map of zhonghua 11 (sativa L. ssp. japonica) integrated with flanking sequence of T-DNA insertion mutant, for intra-subspecies comparison and gene isolation ... moreGS59926735,9190.822010-12-31
8Development and classification of 34,716 ESTs in tepary bean (Phaseolus acutifolius A. Gray) for drought stress ... moreHO77496834,7130.802010-12-31
9Analysis of common bean expressed sequence tags identifies sulphur-rich proteins highly expressed in seed lacking phaseolin and major lectins ... moreGW88417830,1470.692010-12-31
10DOE Joint Genome Institute Euonymus alatus EST project ... moreHS00376425,6900.592010-12-31
11Genomic characterization of the dinoflagellate genus Alexandrium by means of an EST and genomic sequence survey ... moreHO65258514,4100.332010-12-31
12A Chinese Chestnut HICF Physical Map reveals synteny across tree species ... moreHN27009210,3220.242010-12-31
13Gene discovery from Jatropha curcas by sequencing of ESTs from normalized and full-length enriched cDNA library from developing seeds ... moreGW8746116,7410.152010-12-31
14Dynamic changes of transcript profiles after fertilization are associated with de novo transcription and maternal elimination in tobacco zygote and mark the onset of the maternal-to-zygotic transition ... moreHO8405996,4690.152010-12-31
15Asymmetric zygotic division may not result in dramatic transcript diversity but unevenly portion specific transcripts in apical/basal cells of tobacco ... moreHS0802885,5480.132010-12-31
16Transcriptional Profiling of in vitro cultured adventitious roots of Panax ginseng Identifies Genes for Saponin Biosynthesis ... moreHS0760624,2260.102010-12-31
17Cabomba as a model for studies of angiosperm origin ... moreHO7694643,0970.072010-12-31
18meta-Tyrosine in Festuca rubra ssp. commutata (Chewings fescue) is synthesized by hydroxylation of phenylalanine ... moreHO0599881,7670.042010-12-31
19cDNA sequences from SSH library of pre and post anthesis stages of ovules of polyembryonic Citrus sinensis ... moreHO0466171,6260.042010-12-31
20Identification of salt-induced genes in soybean by suppression subtractive hybridization ... moreHO7599471,5000.032010-12-31