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1Developmental expression of cellular prion protein in the Opossum (Monodelphis domestica(gray short-tailed opossum)) central nervous system ... moreFR72838510.022010-11-20
2Polymorphism of toll-like receptor 9 (TLR9) gene in sheep ... moreHQ42457810.022010-10-20
3Paradoxurus hermaphroditus(common palm civet,toddy cat) cytochrome b (cytb) gene, partial cds; mitochondrial. ... moreHQ40436310.022010-10-14
4Fine scale population structure and intra-species segregation of bottlenose dolphins (Tursiops aduncus) in a tropical lagoon ... moreHQ58894110.022010-10-07
5De novo mutation of KIT discovered as a result of a non-hereditary white coat color pattern ... moreHQ25656110.022010-09-10
6Sequence analysis of the prion protein gene in Bactrian camel of China ... moreHQ20456620.042010-08-30
7Establishment of a molecular tool for blood meal identification in Malaysia ... moreHQ28832710.022010-08-25
8Cetaceans on a molecular fast track to ultrasonic hearing ... moreHQ17600450.102010-08-24
9Pseudogenization of the Tooth Gene Enamelysin (MMP20) in the Common Ancestor of Extant Baleen Whales ... moreHQ171778370.722010-08-23
10Analysis of estrogen receptor alpha expression and methylation status in male growing piglets ... moreFR68214110.022010-08-12
11Authentication of species in meat products by genetic techniques ... moreHQ122569310.602010-08-11
12Genetic structure of otter (Lutra lutra(Eurasian river otter,European river otter), Carnivora: Mustelidae) populations from the western Baltic sea region and its implications for the recolonization of northwestern Germany ... moreHQ11394710.022010-08-09
13Cox-2 allelic variants and renal dysplasia in dogs ... moreHQ11088210.022010-08-07
14Loss of the EH1-Groucho interaction motif 1 during evolution of the FoxE1 and FoxH3 transcriptional regulators ... moreHM99173820.042010-07-27
15Detection of two silent mutations within exon 2 of bIGF1R ... moreHM98895810.022010-07-25
16Molecular cloning and polymorphism analysis of the prion protein gene in Tan sheep of Ningxia, China ... moreHM80399410.022010-07-18
17Haplotype analysis of ovine ADRB3: recombination between the polymorphism in the 3'UTR and the intron ... moreHM77666860.122010-07-17
18Bubalus bubalis(water buffalo) S100A8 protein gene, complete cds. ... moreHM76985810.022010-07-14
19Bubalus bubalis(water buffalo) S100A8 protein gene, complete cds. ... moreHM76985710.022010-07-14
20Bos grunniens(domestic yak) S100A8 protein gene, complete cds. ... moreHM76985910.022010-07-14