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1Multiplex assay detection of immunoglobulin G antibodies that recognize Giardia intestinalis and Cryptosporidium parvum antigens ... moreHM03622148.492010-03-25
2Diagnostic usefulness of a nested PCR assay for detecting Sarcoptes scabiei DNA in skin scrapings from clinically suspected scabies ... moreAB53492036.372009-11-23
3Heterogeneity of class I and class II MHC sequences in Schistosoma japonicum from different endemic regions in mainland China ... moreFJ9072033267.942009-04-10
4MHC diversity and avian malaria in the house sparrow (Passer domesticus(House Sparrow)) ... moreEU70832812.122008-05-08
5Non MHC ligands for urochordate CD94/NKR-P1-like proteins ... moreAY50542412.122003-12-16
6Hox cluster disintegration with persistent anteroposterior order of expression in Oikopleura dioica, Remodelling of the homeobox gene complement in the tunicate Oikopleura dioica ... moreAY449458714.862003-10-02
7Diversification of Ig superfamily genes in an invertebrate ... moreAY2048381940.342002-12-19
8Diversification of Ig superfamily genes in an invertebrate ... moreAF550135335711.252002-10-09
9Evolution of the proto-MHC ancestral region: more evidence for the plesiomorphic organisation of human chromosome 9q34 region ... moreAF53796148.492002-08-13
10Molecular, cellular and functional characterizations of a novel ICAM-like molecule of the immunoglobulin superfamily from Leishmania mexicana amazonensis, Extrachromosomal amplified DNA, clone pBHu8.5 ... moreAF25253912.122000-04-05
11Catchin, a novel protein in molluscan catch muscles, is produced by alternative splicing from the myosin heavy chain gene, Sequence analysis of the scallop muscle myosin heavy chain gene. Two transcriptional units and at least five splicoforms ... moreAF18390912.121999-09-06
12Complete sequence of the Antennapedia complex of Drosophila ... moreAE00157212.121999-01-14
13Research note: HLA degenerate T-cell epitopes from Plasmodium falciparum liver stage-specific antigen 1 (LSA-1) are highly conserved in isolates from geographically distinct areas ... moreAF0867931021.231998-08-24
14Drosophila neuroglian: a member of the immunoglobulin superfamily with extensive homology to the vertebrate neural adhesion molecule L1, The analysis of genomic structures in the L1 family of cell adhesion molecules provides no evidence for exon shuffling events after the separation of arthropod and chordate lineages ... moreAF05008424.251998-02-22
15Natural immunity to Ascaris lumbricoides associated with immunoglobulin E antibody to ABA-1 allergen and inflammation indicators in children, The ABA-1 allergen of Ascaris lumbricoides: sequence polymorphism, stage and tissue-specific expression, lipid binding function, and protein biophysical properties ... moreU86091919.111997-01-21
16Multiple Ig-like featuring genes divergent within and among individuals of the marine sponge Geodia cydonium ... moreY079921429.721996-09-13
17Genome sequence of the nematode C. elegans: a platform for investigating biology, The sequence of C. elegans cosmid T02C5 ... moreU5537412.121996-04-17
18Structure and expression of Hemolin, an insect member of the immunoglobulin gene superfamily ... moreS7871212.121996-01-31
19Genome sequence of the nematode C. elegans: a platform for investigating biology, The sequence of C. elegans cosmid F39H12 ... moreU4284712.121995-12-10
20Primary structure of a BiP homologue in Eimeria spp ... moreZ6649124.251995-10-16