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1Felis catus(domestic cat) clone 1_MS4 immunoglobulin heavy chain variable region gene, partial cds. ... moreHQ24816810.132010-09-10
2Class II MHC diversity in the Red Maasai sheep of Kenya ... moreFR68684930.402010-08-25
3MHC class I and MHC class II DRB gene variability in wild and captive Bengal tigers (Panthera tigris(tiger) tigris) ... moreHQ157994141.862010-08-18
4MHC class II risk haplotype associated with canine chronic superficial keratitis in German Shepherd dogs, Identifying genetic risk factor for autoimmune diseases in dogs ... moreFN99599220.272010-07-01
5Bovine IgM antibodies with exceptionally long complementarity-determining region 3 of the heavy chain share unique structural properties conferring restricted VH + Vlambda pairings, Organization and genomic complexity of bovine lambda-light chain gene locus ... moreHM59689170.932010-06-29
6MHC class II DRB diversity in raccoons (Procyon lotor(common raccoon)) reveals associations with raccoon rabies virus (Lyssavirus) ... moreHM58921010.132010-06-24
7Ovar DQB gene for MHC class II ... moreHM36762930.402010-05-28
8MHC class II DRB1 Diversity in two Italian sheep breeds ... moreFN82139970.932010-04-28
9DRA polymorphism in Balkan donkeys ... moreHM16549210.132010-04-28
10Distribution of bovine MHC class II DRB3 and DQA1genes ... moreAB558410283.722010-04-26
11Genetic polymorphism of major histocompatibility complex class II genes in goats ... moreHM12204040.532010-04-14
12New BoLA-DRB3 sequence based typing ... moreAB55465330.402010-04-07
13Molecular characterization of DRB3 gene of water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis(water buffalo)) ... moreHM03843720.272010-03-27
14Polymorphisms of MHC class IIa BoLA DRB3* exon2 gene in native Indian (Bos indicus) cattle ... moreHM03138820.272010-03-24
15The polymorphism analysis of partial MHC class II DQA exon 2 sequences in muntjac ... moreGU98422740.532010-03-09
16Genetic polymorphism of major histocompatibility class II genes in goats ... moreGU99882140.532010-03-09
17Characterisation of MHC class II DRB genes in the northern tree shrew (Tupaia belangeri) ... moreGU825729293.852010-02-19
18Characterization of major histocompatibility complex (MHC) DRB exon 2 and DRA exon 3 fragments in a primary terrestrial rabies vector (Procyon lotor(common raccoon)) ... moreGU388312699.172010-01-05
19Major histocompatibility complex variation and evolution at a single, expressed DQA locus in two genera of elephants ... moreGU369694101.332009-12-29
20Clonal recombination of T-cell receptor gamma V- and J-region variants in feline lymphomas ... moreFN645525314.122009-12-17