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1Sequence analysis of the grey mouse lemur (Microcebus murinus(gray lesser mouse lemur)) MHC class II DQ and DR region ... moreHQ222936298.252010-09-05
3Mafa-DRB5 variant MHC alleles in cynomolgus macaque ... moreHM35581010.282010-05-24
4Macaca fascicularis(crab-eating macaque,long-tailed macaque) isolate Nqc00032 MHC class II antigen (Mafa-DQB1) gene, Mafa-DQB1*06 allele, partial cds. ... moreHM2362206117.342010-05-18
5Macaca fascicularis(crab-eating macaque,long-tailed macaque) isolate Nc00146 MHC class I antigen (Mafa-AG) gene, Mafa-AG1 allele, partial cds. ... moreHM23627192.562010-05-18
6Polymorphism analysis of MHC class II alleles in Chinese Macaca fascicularis(crab-eating macaque,long-tailed macaque) ... moreHM15298312535.542010-04-26
7Primate (Mamu, Mane, and Mafa) MHC class II allele exon 2 sequences ... moreGU576462174.832010-01-29
8Primate (Mamu and Mafa) MHC class I allele exon 2, 3, and 4 sequences ... moreGU57645571.992010-01-29
9Macaca fascicularis(crab-eating macaque,long-tailed macaque) MHC class I antigen (Mafa-A2) gene, partial sequence. ... moreGU215170113.132009-11-16
10Rhesus macaque, pig-tailed macaque, and cynomolgus macaque MHC class II DRB and DQB1 alleles ... moreGU1304735315.072009-10-23
11Rhesus macaque, pig-tailed macaque, and cynomolgus macaque MHC class I A & B alleles ... moreGU130438359.952009-10-23
12Identification of a new Patr-B*01 variant, Patr-B*0102, by sequence-based typing in a chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes(common chimpanzee)) ... moreGQ47039410.282009-08-10
13Evidence for extensive levels of DRB region configuration-associated polymorphisms in cynomolgus macaque populations ... moreFN433699277.682009-07-31
14A small, variable, and irregular killer cell Ig-like receptor locus accompanies the absence of MHC-C and MHC-G in gibbons ... moreGQ39808930.852009-07-20
15Identification of MHC-B alleles in Chinese cynomolgus macaque ... moreGQ41154392.562009-07-17
16Analysis of MHC-I B polymorphism in cynomolgus monkeys from southeast Asia ... moreGQ38597310.282009-07-09
17Identification of 15 novel MHC class II DPB1 alleles in five cohorts of Chinese wild rhesus macaques ... moreGQ354419154.262009-07-03
18Mamu-DRB, Mamu-DQB1, Mane-DRB, Mafa-DRB, and Mafa-DQB1 MHC class II alleles ... moreGQ2663066518.482009-06-15
19Mamu-DQB1 ... moreFN39535161.712009-05-26
20Mamu-DQA1 ... moreFN39534741.142009-05-25