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Number of entries:264,723
Number of projects:69,328
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 CountryNumber of entriesNumber of projects
1United States of America Map79,03010,230
2China Map31,05210,348
3Japan Map25,0307,520
4Germany Map16,5784,373
5France Map12,6862,919
6United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Map10,3812,877
7India Map9,7144,615
8Republic of Korea Map9,7133,728
10Canada Map5,4301,384
11Spain Map5,2201,646
12Australia Map4,9931,258
13Italy Map3,0561,016
14Netherlands Map2,944767
15Brazil Map2,853508
16Belgium Map2,458710
17Denmark Map2,404410
18Finland Map2,381289
19Sweden Map2,180554
20Taiwan Map2,0311,098
21Austria Map1,968266
22Switzerland Map1,742642
23Israel Map1,718359
24Russian Federation Map1,622725
25Norway Map1,428292
26Mexico Map1,320384
27Thailand Map1,293497
28New Zealand Map1,254249
29Portugal Map1,038293
30Singapore Map974232
31Ireland Map967280
32South Africa Map947280
33Argentina Map860393
34Islamic Republic of Iran Map855658
35Poland Map854264
36Greece Map844152
37Hungary Map645149
38Malaysia Map597300
39Kuwait Map59221
40Turkey Map591216
41Czech Republic Map577134
42Hong Kong Map53254
43Chile Map465109
44Tunisia Map457138
45Kenya Map43823
46Pakistan Map414286
47Egypt Map320174
48Viet Nam Map308156
49Slovenia Map27546
50Uruguay Map24045
51Slovakia Map22086
52Colombia Map21936
53Costa Rica Map21710
54Indonesia Map13843
55Algeria Map13044
56Lithuania Map11869
57Luxembourg Map1073
58Estonia Map9923
59Philippines Map9424
60Cuba Map8948
61Sri Lanka Map8719
62Trinidad and Tobago Map865
63Puerto Rico Map838
64Nigeria Map6710
65Iceland Map6548
66Ukraine Map6536
67Lebanon Map572
68Croatia Map5614
69Senegal Map5411
70Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Map4619
71Uganda Map466
72Romania Map4117
73Bulgaria Map4123
74Saudi Arabia Map4026
75French Polynesia Map334
76Belarus Map2819
77Jamaica Map272
78Soviet Union Map2221
79Serbia Map206
80Mauritius Map115
81Fiji Map112
82Qatar Map104
83Montenegro Map96
84Gambia Map92
85Panama Map81
86Bangladesh Map73
87Morocco Map77
88Peru Map77
89Oman Map74
90Yugoslavia Map66
91Ghana Map61
92Grenada Map66
93Ethiopia Map53
94Guadeloupe Map41
95Cameroon Map31
96Côte d'Ivoire Map31
97Mongolia Map22
98Ecuador Map22
99United Arab Emirates Map22
100Sudan Map22
101Kazakhstan Map22
102Jordan Map11
103Zambia Map11
104Iraq Map11
105Latvia Map11
106New Caledonia Map11
107Botswana Map11
108Uzbekistan Map11
109Moldova Map11
110Malta Map11